Speaking & Presenting

Bro. Bedford specializes in helping Black People discover their Entrepreneurial & Business Greatness. He’s been Seen and Heard on NBC, CBS, Radio One, iHeart Radio, XM Radio along with numerous radio, television programs, and Podcasts and Websites around the globe. He has addressed audience as large as 20,000 sharing the stage with entertainers, sports stars, celebrities and Legendary Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders George Fraser, Les Brown, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Susan Taylor, Lisa Nichols, Julianne Malveaux to name a few.   
Request Bro. Bedford for your group or organization today by emailing him directly brobedford@brobedford.com 

Entrepreneurial & Business Coaching

I've helped hundreds of Brothers & Sisters From all over the world Start, Grow & Maintain Their Businesses. I've worked with the Sister who retired with just an idea to The Larges Conference For Black Professionals on the Planet. If you want my help to get Unstuck and realize your Entrepreneurial Dreams or To Increase Your Profits With Less Work and Overwhelm... Let's get on a call to see if we are a fit. Schedule Your Call By Clicking Here

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The Masters Of Business Network & Mastermind

Dedicated to The Mastery Of Entrepreneurship & Business!

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